Programs & Pricing


1 year commitment – $175.00 per month
6 month commitment –  $ 200.00 per month
Month to Month – $ 225.00 per month
Full year – $1775.00

Student $100.00 per month (valid post secondary ID required)

10-Class Punch Card $ 200.00

We support our troops & Calgary emergency services personnel.
Show us your ID & receive 25% off.


MOST Kids & MOST Teens

1x per week (4x a month) $32/month
2x per week (8x a month) $56/month
3x per week (12x a month) $82/month
Unlimited Kids Classes $100/month
Any kid being moved into an adult class must be approved by Coach Swagar.
10% discount for a 1 year commitment (can move between plans as needed)*
10% discount for each additional child
10% discount if parent is a member of CrossFit MOST (20% if both parents)

Please Note that there are Age Groups for the Kids Classes.

Buy Online:  Kids 10-Class Punch-Card


Individualized Coaching

Hone your skills, address weak points and improve performance with one on one coaching and individualized programming.


5 Session Package $450

10 Session Package $800


Small Group Coaching

Private coaching for you and a group friends or work colleagues.

Group of 2- $150/hour

Group of 4- $200/hour

Group of 6- $$240/hour

Corrective Exercise

Identify and correct muscle imbalances, movement restrictions and stability deficits which may be contributing to altered movement patterning and leading to injury.  Can be used to help those with existing  injury or proactively to improve strength and patterning in order to reduce the risk of injury occurrence.

$60- 30 Minute Consultation with our Corrective Exercise Specialist
$100- 1 hr Consultation with our Corrective Exercise Specialist
$160-200- Program Design + Consultation

Corrective Clients can train under your Corrective Coach during specific Corrective Class times. ( See Schedule for Details)

A Corrective membership is $175.00 per month.


Manual Orthopedic & Sport Therapy
15mins $60
30mins $90
45mins $110
60mins $120

*Sign for a one year commitment you receive 10% off Clinical Services.
1st right to sign up for seminars and special events.

Spartan Wrestling

$20  a month

$10  month for additional siblings

$40 per person for month/month with team apparel (optional)

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