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Lindsay Bell


Lindsay began CrossFitting in 2007, instantly finding the passion as an athlete and now Coach. She has been coaching CrossFit since 2008, completing her Level 1, Level 2, Endurance, and Gymnastics certificates. She strives to produce a caring and knowledgeable environment in the box . Lindsay has competed in local competitions as well as at the 2012 Regions on the Team level. She is looking to excel with MOST and the fantastic team it encompasses as a Professional Coach and as an elite CrossFit Athlete.

 Lindsay completed her Degree in Kinesiology with a major in Athletic Therapy in 2013. This stream of education has allowed her to become more knowledgeable about the human body, its intricate processes, as well as injury prevention, development and treatment. It has greatly aided in her ability to see and understand movement from the inside-out.

CrossFit is a major part of her life and as she constantly evolves her personal, Coaching and athletic life, CrossFit grows with her. She is looking forward to an extensive career in Coaching and continuing education  as she progresses.

Lindsay has also completed her Percision Nutrition coaching course and will be providing lifestyle and nutrition coaching to people looking to make a change in their life and well being.

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