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Manual Orthopedic & Sport Therapy



In-house Manual Orthopedic & Sport Therapy.

Manual Orthopedic & Sport Therapy is a hands on approach to the treatment of injury.  The goal of Manual Orthopedic & Sport Therapy is to improve movement patterning and remove excess tension which may be limiting proper function.   This eliminates the pain associated with injury and prevents further injury from occurring.  David Swagar has been practicing Manual Orthopedic & Sport Therapy in Calgary for more than fifteen years.  A graduate of the Kinesiology program at the University of Calgary as well as the Collége D’Études Osteopathiques, David has training in Graston Therapy, Active Release Techniques and Massage Therapy. David is also a proud member of the Clinical Athlete Network.

The philosophies of Osteopathic Manual Therapy influence David’s approach to treatment.  The body is assessed and treated as a functional whole, instead of as separate parts. David’s treatments are individualized to each patient based on presentation, patient history and the patient’s goals.

David works with athletes seeking to

Rehabilitate injury

Correct dysfunction

Prevent injury

Enhance performance


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