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Corrective Exercise





David and Jenn are National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Corrective Exercise Specialists.  David is also a member of the Clinical Athlete Network. At MOST Physical Preparation we are pleased to offer:

Manual & sports therapy.

Corrective exercise.

MOST Corrective bridges the gap between training and the clinical needs of our athletes.  The goal of MOST Corrective is to take someone who has been injured and transition them back to training by treating their injuries through MOST clinical and proceeding with a corrective program that fixes faulty movement patterns and muscle imbalances.

Due to improper (or lack of) training or periods of injury, the body develops improper motor programs (unconscious movement patterns), and strength imbalances.  The goal of corrective exercise is to restore normal movement patterns and then strengthen affected areas of the body.

Coach Swagar working with a Corrective Exercise client.

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