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June 4 , Athletic Development

Posted by Jenn on June 3,2016

Warm Up Strength Development 3×5 Snatch Pulls ( 90 Sec) 10 Min Emom 1 Clean and Jerk Athletic Development Isabelle ( Full Snatch) 135/95 Movement Therapy/Cool Down Shoulder health Hip Health Coach D.. Swagar is in the house tomorrow. Come get some of his PHD level knowledge in your day!!!

Andrew Obrecht

Posted by Jenn on April 13,2013

Andrew Obrecht ” Magic Mike” “I have had the absolute pleasure of having Jenn Swagar as my coach for the past year now. Her passion for coaching is easily seen every single time I show up to train and her enthusiasm and hard work is only paralleled by her thirst for knowledge. Swagar’s shares her […]

Light Weight ” Buddy”

Posted by Jenn on April 11,2013

Why Shane Chooses MOST. I’ve known Coach Swagar since the fall of 2011.  I wish I would have met her earlier, because my level of fitness has been improving ever since.  When I found out she was opening Crossfit MOST, deciding to join as a member was an easy decision.  I believe Jenn is one […]

Warrior, Why MOST?

Posted by Jenn on April 11,2013

Arthur Stefan Direct, tangible results, based on keen observations developed over years of experience and a solid knowledge of biomechanics, is what sets Jenn and David Swagar apart from other coaches. As a seasoned athlete who has competed nationally and internationally, I have had the privilege of working with elite, world class coaches. Within minutes […]