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‘MOST Athletes’

Family and Friends Friday January 13th

Posted by Jenn on January 2,2017

Family Fitness Friday Bring friends and family to work out with you on January 13th. We are asking all members and guests to bring in diapers or wipes for our DIAPER DRIVE for the Calgary Food Bank. Every month we will be supporting a different cause, through the Calgary Food Bank. Please help us help […]

Gymnastics with Shane de Freitas

Posted by Jenn on June 12,2016

Who is Shane de Freitas? look him up  and what will likely show  his participation in the 1996 Olympics back in Atlanta Georgia as the only gymnasts representing Barbados. Along side that, you’ll read of his success with Bimflip Gymnastics. This talented athlete turned Coach and is now here in Calgary helping us get our […]

June 4 , Athletic Development

Posted by Jenn on June 3,2016

Warm Up Strength Development 3×5 Snatch Pulls ( 90 Sec) 10 Min Emom 1 Clean and Jerk Athletic Development Isabelle ( Full Snatch) 135/95 Movement Therapy/Cool Down Shoulder health Hip Health Coach D.. Swagar is in the house tomorrow. Come get some of his PHD level knowledge in your day!!!

No Magic Formula! Time Builds Champions A multi part series: Part 1 May 2016 Arthur: Jenn Swagar We have all heard the phase; ‘ Practice makes perfect.”  That the “good things come to those who wait.” The US Olympic Committee (2001) surveyed US Olympic athletes from 1988 to 1996 and concluded that it took between […]

The truth about stretching.

Posted by Jenn on March 30,2016

  Stretching and injury prevention   As more people change their lifestyles and focus on fitness, there is a new need for understanding what and why we stretch. With the Internet guru’s telling you to mobilize, increase your range of motion (ROM) and more, what are you to believe? Who has the correct information?   […]

The Rolling Stones said it really well “You can’t always get what you want…” This song, now decades old, addresses a universal truth. Here’s the rest of the refrain: “You can’t always get what you want . . . But if you try sometimes You just might find You get what you need” (Rolling Stones) […]

Massage time at MOST

Posted by Jenn on January 5,2016

Mosties, our talented and AMAZING massage therapist Steph Couglan will be back at MOST. Dates January 27, Feb., 3,and Feb. 10. Times are available from 10-2. Let the coaches know what date and time you want as they will fill up quickly.


Posted by Jenn on November 30,2015

Mosties We have openings this week and next for Deep Tissue Massage with the BEST Massage therapist I have met. Steph Coughlan will be at MOST December 9 and 16 Wednesday mornings from 10 am till 1. Call or email info@ to book your hour of therapy. Steph is a Massage Therapist with years of experience, […]

Being a Parent to the Modern Athlete: Part 3

Posted by Jenn on November 30,2015

  Being a Parent to the Modern Athlete Part 3 This topic is a very robust and troublesome one for me. I am a parent first and coach second. I have actually been coaching longer than I have been a parent. During this time, I have watched parents become helicopters where they hover over their […]

Limit Your Scope

Posted by Jenn on November 4,2015

LIMIT THE SCOPE I have finished my Master’s in Coaching and wanted to reflect on my coaching and experiences. So I have decided to retake some certifications.  When reading the Crossfit level one manual, (which is completely different than when I first took it…) I came across this great coaching point, from coach Glassman. Coach […]