Jeff Kubik

Education/Coaching Experience
Bachelor in Health and Physical Education, Major in Athletic Therapy (in progress) (Deans list Fall 2015, Winter 2016, Spring 2016)
Crossfit L1 and L2
Sealfit 20x/Kokoro Coach
NCCP Weightlifting In training
Sealfit Basic
Mostrition Lifestyle and Nutition Coaching
Wakeboard Coach
High School Volleyball Coach
Sealfit Kokoro Class 26 Graduate
The first times I walked through the doors at Most was out of principle and respect for both Jenn and David. Soon after being here, I realized that these two are on a similar mission to the one I’ve set out on. I became a Coach at Most much for the same reason I am an athlete here. I wanted to be under the most knowledgable and experienced individuals in the Calgary Crossfit and strength and conditioning communities. Constantly under a watchful eye to bring your A game every day, and show up with integrity, whether it be coaching, as an athlete, or as a student, at MOST we strive for excellence no mediocrity.
I was part of developing the Mostrition program, and can safely say I’ve been through more diet fads than most, and have come out the other side (paired with education), with a good understanding of the psychological and physiological roadblocks that people face while trying to make an effective change. I’m committed to helping you get to your goals, because you deserve to achieve them. If you want to discuss Mostrition lifestyle Coaching contact me info@crossfitmost.com: Attn Jeff Kubik
Since starting my coaching with Most I’ve been lucky enough to intern and become a coach through Sealfit, an organization that helps SOF hopefuls in the US prepare for selection, which I feel differentiates myself from any other Coach in Calgary, as well as Canada. This breed of uncommon coaching and training is something that I’m passionate about, and hope to explore more with athletes who also want to explore the uncommon.
‘To live an uncommon life, one needs to learn uncommon disciplines.’ – Mark Divine.


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