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Archive for August, 2012

We have been home from our wonderful summer vacation for 5 days. It was a great vacation but it’s nice to be home! It’s been a bit of a hard week.

A few months back, I participated in a low back pain research study. During the study, I was able to observe my multifudus and transverse abdominus muscles on an ultrasound screen. A key component of the study was building the patient’s awareness of the mind-body connection.

When you go out into the mountains for a hike, you spend 90% of your day slogging upward, along crags, unstable boulders, burning switch backs, dusty trails. You wipe sweat off your forehead and swat imaginary bugs. Your view is constantly blocked by trees or rocks. Or, maybe, the butt of the person in front of you ! đŸ™‚